Ryan Adams + Courtney Love Catfight

By • Sep 23rd, 2009 • Category: Catfight, News, Shut The Fuck Up, Twitter

Ryan Adams has finally responded to a year of online taunting from Courtney Love, insisting the rocker has him mixed up with her ex, Jim Barber.

Love took aim at Adams in a series of Internet rants and rages, suggesting he borrowed money from her and never paid her back and briefly dated her.

But now Adams has had enough – he’s denying all the accusations and suggests Love has him confused with Barber, who produced his 2003 album Rock n Roll.

After Love posted another attack on her Twitter blog last week, when she referred to newlywed Adams as her “ex-boyfriend”, Adams fired back.

A statement from Adams reads, “I have never had any romantic, personal or financial involvement with Courtney Love. She is confusing me with her ex, who produced my Rock n Roll record, which was financed solely by Universal Music.”

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