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Salvation In Secrets
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As far as Our LIves In Motion is concerned, you don’t have to read about who produced their EP or what bands have influenced them, it’s all right there in the music. Their EP, Salvation In Secrets, is rock-infused pop (or is it pop-infused rock?) with roots influenced by bands like Anberlin and The Receiving End Of Sirens. The album moves along and the use of an experienced producer such as Rob Freeman (Cobra Starship, Armor For Sleep) adds a certain slickness to the overall sound. However, there isn’t much that makes these five songs stand out and one might argue that Our Lives In Motion comes to the party a little too late. The sound is too rooted in the music scene from three years ago to be fresh and an infusion of life may be necessary for these guys to succeed.

Like most of the tracks on Salvation In Secrets, “Lost Art Of Amnesty” has that multi-layered, emo sound that was so popular a few years ago. Add to that the PSA-type lyrics, such as “don’t sell yourself short for fortune and fame,” and it’s like every other song of this type that listeners have already heard. “The Getaway” falls into the same category as “Lost Art Of Amnesty.” The band may not cite them as influences, but the tracks also feel reminiscent of Hawthorne Heights and Fall Out Boy, but a few years later than the former and lacking the panache of the latter. The basic verses and chorus aren’t too bad, but the bridge gets a bit too sappy and juvenile to be overly appealing to anyone over 16 years of age.

“Race Against Time” sounds almost the same as “Lost Art Of Amnesty” but with increased guitar work running behind the lyrics. Unfortunately, although the sound and rhythm add texture to the piece, it is more annoying at the start than anything. Mercifully, the band drops that pretty quickly, but the song blends into the overall mix. The album’s title track and “Far From Safe” wrap up the EP in almost exactly the same way as it began. “Far From Safe” does manage a slightly different sound, moving just a bit away from the minor keys that Our Lives In Motion seems so fond of, but the tempo and overall sound are still so close to the previous four tracks that it is too little, too late.

One has to imagine that Our Lives In Motion is enthusiastic about their first album and the work that went into the recording is clear. However, the question that remains is, is another emo style band of this kind really needed in 2011? If this band wants to succeed, they’re going to need to expand their approach or be stuck in 2007 for good. – EVELYN MISKA KRIEGER

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