Mind Spiders

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Mind Spiders
Dirtnap Records
4 Stars

Mind Spiders is first and foremost a grunge punk band, infused with pop and the occasional experimental sound. The band’s new self-titled album always keeps the listener on their toes with its raw energy.

Mind Spiders starts off with “Go,” a fast-paced, pounding song that immediately hooks you in. “Don’t Let Her Go” is a catchy song about love lost. In the next two songs, the band reference themselves, even having a theme song, aptly titled “Mind Spiders Theme,” which sounds like they lifted a few notes from Batman’s theme song.

As the album progresses, it gets more experimental, which only adds to its inventiveness. “Read Your Mind” is a low-fi, dreamy song at first- but builds speed as it reaches the middle. The beginning feels as though it would be better placed in a ’60s movie about Hawaii, but it shows the band’s versatility as the end takes on a whole different tone.

“Slippin’ And Slidin’” is full of fuzzy guitars that threaten to overpower lilting vocals. “Your Soul” begins with sonar-like sounds before the drums kick in, laced with vocals reminiscent of Pink Floyd. This is one of the most experimental tracks on the album, in a good way.

The album ends on a questionable note with the song “Close The Door,” full of haunting vocals, similar to those of Morrissey’s in his song “Jack The Ripper.” All in all, Mind Spiders is an album full of great up-beat, experimental songs that will keep you coming back for more. – JOCELYNN JENKINS

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