Submit Your CD

Revolt is now accepting CDs for review. We will review your album in the following way: a digital download of your CD. We will not review your music via links or streams. The best way to get your digital release to us is by emailing one download link to a .ZIP file containing your entire release. Please be sure to include your band name, album title, track titles, record label [or please note if self-released] and album cover art. Digital submissions missing any of the aforementioned items will not be considered for review.

Revolt receives many CDs for review and therefore, we cannot estimate how long it will take for your music to appear on our site. Sending emails asking when we will review your CD will go ignored. Just keep checking the site to see if your review has been posted. Keep in mind, reviews only appear on the main page for a short period of time. If you happen to miss seeing your review on our main page, you should look in our Reviews Category to see if it’s been posted or use the Search box that appears on our site.

To send a digital download link [.ZIP file] of your album:


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