What is Revolt?
Revolt is an online music magazine that has been in existence since 2005. We feature the latest in music news, reviews, interviews, and contests from your favorite bands. Revolt is updated several times throughout the day. We are proud to bring you Revolt with a true D.I.Y. mentality. All contributors, music reviewers, interviews and editors are UNPAID. We volunteer our time and talent in an effort to lend support to the bands and music we believe in.

How can I have my band’s CD reviewed by Revolt Media?
This is an easy one. There is now only ONE way to submit your music for review – digitally. Submit your album digitally by emailing a .zip file to us. Please include your band name, CD title, cover art and record label [or let us know if it was self-released]. Any review material that is missing the above-listed items will not be considered for review, so please check everything twice before submitting. Please DO NOT send us individual links to each .MP3 on your CD. We will ignore your email. Send the entire thing in ONE .ZIP file. We DO NOT review single tracks.

Please note: Submitting your CD for review does not mean you are guaranteed a review, but we will try our hardest to review it for you. WE WILL NOT REVIEW YOUR MUSIC VIA LINKS ON YOUR WEBSITE OR MYSPACE PROFILE.

How long will it take before our CD is reviewed & posted on revolt-media.com?
We cannot possibly respond to each inquiry about when your CD will be reviewed, as we receive shitloads of albums for review. Please note, we cannot guarantee that your music will be reviewed but we will do our best to see that it is. Just keep checking out the Reviews category.

You changed your website! Where did all of the old stuff go? Easy now, champ. Everything is right where we left it! It was time for a new streamlined way of doing things around here, but we would never kill off all of our old work! Head over to the Memories page to access all of our old stuff.

How can my band land a featured interview?
We typically set up all of our interview through record labels & PR firms. If you’re a band that has neither of those, you can still land a feature on Revolt, however our features calendar is often booked for months, so email us. We always have opportunities available for bands to write Guest Editorials, so that might be the better option for you.

We want to repost an interview, review or news item that is posted on Revolt.
Unfortunately, you need our permission to repost anything since we hold the copyright. That can become a little annoying, especially if you want to repost something and we haven’t had a chance to give you permission. Instead, we encourage you to simply link to our interviews, reviews, news, etc. Sound good?

Can I be a writer/reviewer for Revolt Media?
We maintain a high standard and we certainly are always looking for more writers. Please email us for details. Please note, a professional approach catches our attention. Before inquiring, please understand we are all UNPAID.

We are a band, venue, PR firm, record label (insert whatever you are), and we would LOVE to put on an event with Revolt. Are you down with that?
YES! Hit us up and let’s talk! We have tons of Revolt merchandise & goodies to give away at events.

Email: Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, comments or suggestions that haven’t been addressed here.

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