SherriOwner/ Editor Sherri Gibbons

Sherri lives in a world of Polaroids, reality TV and self-deprecating humor. She likes to punch throats, kidneys and any other body parts that look punch-worthy. She sometimes wishes she could be best friends with Kelly Ripa. She launched Revolt in 2005 because she was tired of reading stupid music blogs that were stupid, pretentious, stupid, annoying and stupid. Sherri’s hiney is officially “cosmically linked” to Daryl Palumbo’s hiney. Sherri is living with fingers, toes and eyes crossed in the hopes of a Crohn’s remission.

evelynContributor Evelyn Miska Krieger

When she isn’t writing for Revolt, Evelyn Miska Krieger is a full-time high school English teacher in Michigan. Her favorite class to teach is AP English and she likes messing with her students’ minds by teaching them about existentialism and Samuel Beckett. Evelyn also spends considerable time reviewing and photographing concerts in the Detroit area for Revolt. She is mildly addicted to reading books about Henry VIII and his many wives as well as watching Bones and Law and Order. Even though she is abysmal at playing the drums on Rock Band, Evelyn has also spent the last few years learning how to play the guitar.

Megan Contributor Jocie Jenkins

Jocie Jenkins is a poor college student in Texas who spends all of her money on shows. Unlike most college students, she spends her time in her dorm room reading books or watching Fight Club. She spends half of her time talking about music and the other half listening to it. She dislikes anything with sparkling vampires, besides The Lost Boys because let’s face it, that movie is a classic. She tries to make herself seem interesting but that’s hard to do in such a little space.

Megan Contributor Megan Bellucci

Megan is a college student from South Jersey, majoring in Art Education. Other things that occupy her time include riding her bike, inline skating, going to concerts, searching for more concerts, and playing keyboard. A few of her obsessions include sunflowers, peacock print, Disney World, summertime, The Food Network, and good music.

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