In December 2008, Revolt officially turned four years old! To celebrate and to kick off the start of 2009, we have streamlined and redesign our site. We feel the changes made to Revolt will provide a more interactive element that was missing from our old site. For examples, you can now leave comments on all of our special sections: News, Interviews, Guest Editorials, and Reviews!

Since Revolt has been around for so many years, it wouldn’t feel right simply doing away with all of our previous work. The Revolt contributors have worked hard over the years to bring you honest and thorough reviews and incredible interviews. Let’s not forget the bands that have taken the time to write tons of funny and poignant Guest Editorials! And so, we have decided to preserve those for you. You can still access them by clicking below, and all links to each will remain the same.


Interviews & Guest Editorials


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